Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One-Woman Quilt Exhibit

Featuring MY QUILTS! Before you get too excited, the gallery is the gallery at Handi Quilter (where I work). But it is fun seeing about 25 of my quilts all hanging together.

Most of the quilts are from my book with Martingale/That Patchwork Place, Triple-Play Scrap Quilting. The book features scrappy quilts using one of my three strategies for getting a scrappy look: (1) Planned Scrappy, where you select fabrics that all adhere to a color scheme of three or four colors; (2) Coordinated Scrappy, where you buy precuts and yardage featuring the fabrics in a fabric line; and (3) Make-Do Scrappy, where anything goes and you use dozens of fabrics literally from your scrap pile.

Here are a couple examples of planned scrappy quilts:


Although I'm calling this a planned quilt, it kind of breaks the rules of following a limited color scheme. But I did stick to a particular style of fabrics -- all solids.

Here are some examples of coordinated scrappy quilts:

 And here are examples of some of the make-do scrappy quilts -- my favorite style of all!

The exhibit will be up until the end of April. And then I have to find space for all of these quilts again at home.

By the way, whenever the Handi Quilter offices are open (week days, normal business hours), the public is welcome to come and see all of our quilts -- both in the gallery and hanging throughout the building.


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