Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Finish and A Couple WIPs

Thanks for all of your kind comments to recent posts.

I finished “Return the Kindnesses” this week, and yes, there was a lot of fill-in stitching on this project.

This was the first project I started (a couple years ago!) using 40-count fabric, so the fill-in work was good practice using 1 strand of silk floss. The “learning process” is certainly apparent in the bunny’s body, but once again I have to say “finished is better than perfect”.

I’m getting ready for another business trip. It’s gonna be an intense week, with 3 all-day meetings Monday through Wednesday, and training for our newest sales people on Tuesday and Wednesday. I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to be in two meetings at the same time. I’ll be giving the kick-off presentation at the sales training, while also being responsible for the agenda and meeting facilitation for the other meeting. Plus I have a new employee starting on Monday, so the fun never ends.

Each evening I’ll be cramming for the next day’s meetings, but I’m optimistic I’ll be able to do some stitching – at least on the airplane. I haven’t yet been upgraded to first class, so may be stuck in coach, but at least I have a window seat in the exit row in case the worst happens and I can’t move to the front of the plane.

Since it’s easiest to stitch on the plane (and in dark hotel rooms) on light 28-count fabric, I’ve prepared two projects to take with me on the trip. By “prepared” I mean I’ve threaded a bunch of needles with the threads I’ll need so I don’t need to worry about threading needles at 35,000 feet in cramped condition.

The first project I’ll be working on is the darling “Do Not Worry” by Silver Creek Samplers. I did a little stitching on it last night to get it started. Rather than use the DMC colors recommended, I’m using over-dyed Gentle Arts. My fabric is also a bit lighter than the original.

The other project is one I brought home from the ranch last weekend. I’d left it there to work on in the event that I ever arrived without a WIP. But I decided to bring it home with me and work on it while traveling. It is Birds of a Feather’s “Bitter Flower Sampler”.

Not a ton of work left – the most time-consuming will be the vase, but the border alphabet should go pretty quickly. Here's the original design in case you aren't familiar with it. (It's several years old -- so you can imagine how long I've been working on it.)

It’s going to be a pretty nice day in Utah today. I’m hoping I can convince my mom to go with me to a charming shopping area called “Gardiner’s Village”. I’m hoping to find a new couch at the Country Furniture store. I have been dreaming of a black and cream toile print couch for several years – and am finally ready to replace my 20+ year-old couch in my family room. The shopping area also has a quilt/stitching shop called Pine Needles, so will definitely also stop in there as well.

Have a wonderful week. Work and travel will keep me away from blogland until probably next Saturday. Will hopefully have good progress on projects to report.


Margaret said...

I love your finish! And I love your WIPs as well! Have fun with them on your business trip -- good luck!

Raven/Missy said...

The bunny finish is gorgeous! Well done!

Your wips looks great so far! I hope your week goes well.

Deb said...

Just love, love your finish Nancy! And really like both of your WIPs too! Hope your week goes well - it sounds like a hectic one!

marylin & poussy said...

Real small marvel! It is very beautiful
Peace and love in your heart

Siobhan said...

What a fantastic finish, Nancy! It really is beautiful. I like your WIPs--love the messages on them both. You can't go wrong with a BOAF design... I just wish they were still designing.

Take pics of your new couch, if you did get one. Your shopping trip plans sound like fun!

Safe travels!

Berit said...

Beautiful stuff! I just noticed the charming "Upside-down bunny". :)

"Finished is better than perfect"

I need to keep repeating that to myself.

Simmy said...

It's the first time I read your cute!!! I like your cross-stitch works!!
I am your new follwer, now!! ^_^

Martha said...

I have been reading through your wonderful blog and just had to comment here. I love Gardiner Village. My son, DIL, and 4 grandchildren live in Bountiful so I try to visit Quilter's Haven and Pine Needles everytime I visit. Love your quilts and cross stitches.


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