Thursday, September 5, 2013

Latest Project

I was happy to be able to do some serious sewing on Labor Day. It had been ages since I'd spent more than an hour at a time in my studio.

So on Monday I was able to get about two thirds of the blocks done for a scrappy Ohio Star quilt, set with some alternate blocks in a unique setting. Then yesterday evening I was able to finish the rest of the blocks.

Here are the blocks laid out on my "design floor".

It always amazes me how looking at a photo always highlights where I need to make some changes. For example, the Ohio Star block at the far right of the 4th row needs a different center square that isn't so light in value. And the bottom-right star needs a center square with more contrast. But those will be easy fixes.

Next step is obviously sewing the blocks together to finish the quilt center, then gotta figure out what I'll do for the borders. I'm toying with a narrow red border (matching the 4-patches in the big "x") and then doing a pieced border that echoes the "x" as well.  I just need to make sure I have enough of the red and brown fabrics.

Have a great day!


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