Friday, May 9, 2014

My First Quilt Show Award

I didn't expect it, but was so pleased to receive a third place ribbon for my Deseret beehive medallion quilt at HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Show). In fact, I wasn't planning on attending the award ceremonies. But  since I arrived at the show while they were going on, I decided to hang around until the two Handi Quilter-sponsored awards were given out.

The awards for the category my quilt was in came up in the meantime. Imagine my surprise -- no, make that SHOCK -- when I saw my quilt up on the projection screen. Yup, a third-place ribbon in the Utah's Own category. I didn't quilt it (only designed and pieced it), but I was glad that Jen Alexander, my quilter for this quilt, was in the audience so she could join me on stage.

A ribbon for both Jen and me.
Too bad there wasn't  a ribbon  for my mom who did the embroidery and binding!

My few moments of quilting fame for 2014.



Gayle said...

Congrats to you - it's a beautiful quilt! I won't be attending the show this year (darn) cuz we're leaving for a trip tomorrow and are busy getting packed etc....

Bev C said...


Congratulations to everyone involved with this quilt. It is stunning.

Happy days.

Barb said...

That is awesome, congrats!!!


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