Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Quilt Finishes #2 and #3

Quilt finish #2:

This is one of my first attempts at a blended quilt – where many of the fabrics tend to “blend into” other fabrics such that you can’t always see where one piece ends and the other piece ends. The pattern was from one of the blended quilt books by Marsha McCloskey (I can’t find the book right now to give more details on the pattern name, etc.)

This project was an impulse one weekend to use a pile of fabrics, some of which were from the same line, a couple of which were purchased at a huge discount at a fabric store, and a few to fill in from my stash. I think it has a little bit of a French country look and looks great with the upholstered chairs that used to be in my living room – one’s now in my office and one in the downstairs family room.

While I was experimenting with the blended look, I made some orphan blocks. I love them individually, but don’t think they would work together in a quilt. I might pick one and try to do more in the same color scheme someday. Not that I’m at a loss for projects to start or finish.

Quilt finish #3 is the wedding quilt for Mike and Emily.

Mike is in the army, stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA. I made this quilt top last year, not knowing at the time who would receive it. I’ve had the fabrics for about 10 years or so. It was one of those times when I bought cuts from the entire line of fabrics designed by Kathy Spear/Calico Mountain for Clothworks – and this was before pre-cuts were so readily available. (I bought so much that I have enough to make another quilt. Those were the days – when fabric was $7 a yard or so.) I just needed to figure out the right pattern to show off the variety of fabrics in the collection. It turned out well, but is perhaps lacking some fabrics that pop a bit. But it looks kind of “army-ish”, don’t you think?

The backing was an accompanying border print that is cute enough that it could have been the front of the quilt.

Now I need to think about a baby quilt for Mike and Emily since son #1 is on his way.

I'll hopefully be able to do one more blog post showing the remaining 2 quilts before I have to go to Philadelphia again next week.  I'll be home for about 24 hours and then my mom, sister and I are heading to Las Vegas for an early 80th birthday celebration for my mom. No, we're not going to hit the casinos, but rather to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo (oh, and do some shopping and eating while we're at it).

Hope you all had a nice St. Patrick's Day. My parents celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary today. I guess it isn't too soon to start thinking about what we will do to help them celebrate #60!


Berit said...

Beautiful needlecraft lately!

I've also reused some pillowcase zipcovers as holders for sewing machine accessories and powdered fabric dye.

Love your friendship is a sheltering tree finish!

Gosh, I just so love your blog! I've bookmarked a couple of posts to come back and read more in depth later--your stuffed cabbage looks divine and I love your colorway explorations.

Sorry I've been such a stranger; I'm working on a new system to keep in touch with my favorite blogs better! :D

Mary said...

Hi Nancy,
I have nominated your blog for an Award, One Lovely Blog because you do have a lovely blog. I hope you enjoy the award.
Take the button from my site and add it to yours. Check out the rules at the link below. I think 7 blogs is enough.
Have fun.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful quilts! The blended quilt--love the fabrics in that one! The 'army' quilt is perfect for somebody in the army, though soft enough for the army wife to enjoy, too. You do such wonderful work! Enjoy your trip to Philly. I've been dreaming about The Essamplaire's Victorine Delacroix sampler, which was stitched under the tutelage of a teacher from Philadelphia, my birth place. Sorry--you mentioned Philly and I went off on a tangent... ;) Enjoy your Donny & Marie show, too!

marylin said...

absolument merveilleux !
bisous de France

Appalachian Quilts said...

Love your finish #2, especially the fabrics! We 'finishers' need to keep encouraging each other! Great job! (Congrats on the upcoming baby, too!)


Karen said...

I like the quilt with all the browns! I used to have some of the fabric with the rows of houses. I must have used it for backing.


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