Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Quilts Ready to Bind

My sister-in-law graciously volunteered to machine quilt these two quilts for me, using her sister's Gammil long-arm machine. They turned out great. (Thanks Lisea!)

Emrie's quilt will definitely be ready for her first birthday. The photo above shows the quilting from the front, and the one below shows what the backing fabric looks like.

And this is darling Emrie being held by her Uncle Ben's new bride, Nicole!

This darling flannel throw is for my mom. The colors are perfect for her family room, and there are still enough cold days and nights this winter that it will get good use. I love the green / black polka-dot backing fabric.

My mom and I have a good thing going.  I do the machine-sewing part of the binding, and she does the hand-sewing part. I don't know that I'll get it back from her to take a final photo -- so this might be the only one I get.


Martha said...

Love the quilts! You are one busy girl.

Linda said...

What a blessing to have someone quilt them for you! I've never enlisted a long arm quilter. Think I should try that one day.
The quilts are wonderful.
I still have to become part of your family!!

Loraine said...

Great quilts! Nice to have those done and to their owners, huh. They turned out perfect.
Sorry I've missed so many posts! It's been one of those weeks for me.
I love your exchange quilt. I think it's turning out wonderfully! Unfortunately, I have had the same luck with my exchange blocks. They are either not well made, too small, or the fabrics are off! It is always amazing to me that people cannot tell the difference between "dark and dirty" and "bright"!
At any rate, it looks wonderful what you have done! Love your new fabric stash too. I've used a few times. So nice to have in a pinch.
Take Care.

marylin said...

very beautiful !
have a good day


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