Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Double the Stress-busting Benefits of Tube Time

Turns out that the combination of busy hands (fine-motor activity and handiwork) with TV watching triggers a light meditative state that soothes anxiety (according to a supposed reknowned psychiatrist Norman E. Rosenthal). I don't know how much his study cost, but I could have told him that myself! I rarely watch TV without multi-tasking -- but I'm able to totally de-stress when watching TV while sewing or cross-stitching. (Of course, adding chocolate helps even more!) So, you can justify whatever guilty pleasure you watch on TV (royal wedding? Dancing with the stars? shopping or cooking channels?)

Here's progress on a couple of my de-stressing projects (yes, they were all done with the TV on):

This quilt is totally scrappy. I didn't make any effort to match setting blocks with the chunky churn dash blocks. I kind of matched the appliqued arcs within a single setting block -- but that was it. I love randomy, scrappy quilts like this.

Chunky Churn Dash swap blocks + appliqued setting blocks
Close-up showing machine applique (the Kim Diehl way)
I'm loving this Carriage House Crossing project -- all with one color floss (albeit hand-dyed for the value variation).

Bye for now.


Berit said...

So lovely! Somehow I also feel like these projects co-ordinate, too--I can picture the quilt draped nearby the finished CHS! Love that single-fiber overdye. :D Are you using the as-charted thread?

Loraine said...

What a wonderful quilt! Love the look of scrappy quilts myself. I can relate to mindless TV watching. I find it painful to sit and watch a movie without something in my hands! :)


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