Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best of Show

I patiently worked away at the office while many from Handi Quilter were at the Houston International Quilt Market and then the International Quilt Festival. (I'm hoping to be able to go in the future now that I'm more familiar with HQ's products.)

I would have loved to see all of the quilts on display -- especially the "Best of Show" award-winning quilt called "America, Let it Shine".

"America, Let it Shine" by Sherry Reynolds  of Laramie, Wyoming
Isn't Sherry's quilt amazing? And although I didn't see it in Houston, I did see it at the SLC Home Machine Quilting Show last spring where her quilt also won best of show.

Check out the quilting and the bedazzling!

I wonder if I would have the patience and detail orientation to create such a masterpiece? Probably not.  What about you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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