Monday, May 13, 2013

Triple-Play Scrap Quilting: Officially Available!

My book, Triple-Play Scrap Quilting, is now officially available. Yippee!

So, with the book launch underway, there will be lots of fun activities over the next few weeks, not the least of which is doing a schoolhouse session and a couple book signings at the Spring quilt market in Portland later this week.

I recently had the honor of being the the guest blogger over at Stitch This!, the Martingale / That Patchwork Place blog. I have a little more background to the book here since I can be more verbose on my own blog than I can on Martingale's.

After I left my full-time, high-tech marketing job, I knew that I didn't want to go back to work immediately and that I had earned some well-deserved time in my sewing/quilting studio to work on my quilt to-do list. After making several quilt tops that had been designed by others, I thought to myself -- why not make quilts that I design myself rather than make quilts designed by others? That was June 2011.

I had been collecting yellow, black and white fabrics (which are NOT my typical style, by the way) and sat down with Electric Quilt to design something original for those fabrics. The result is the quilt that is on the cover of the book (which I think is very appropriate!)

It was so much fun making that quilt that I wanted to make it again. I had a jelly roll and some yardage from a Minick and Simpson fabric line and realized I could make the same quilt using those fabrics, but scaled bigger because the strips were wider than the original version of the quilt (which used 2" strips). This was the result. Fewer, but bigger blocks. And a much bigger quilt: 84" X 108".

Then I decided I wanted to use up some scraps and made it a third time but with smaller 1-1/2" strips. This one ended up 54" square.

And VOILA! The concept for my book. Three strategies for making scrappy quilts (1) from fabrics in a limited color scheme, (2) fabrics from the same fabric line, or (3) from scraps.

I ended up making 30 quilts for the book -- 3 each of 10 designs. One set of three didn't make it into the book because of space considerations.Yes, that's 30 quilts in one year. I sent off the quilts to Martingale, along with the draft manuscript, in June 2012. And now, it's almost a year later and the book is a reality! I think that there is a tremendous variety of quilts in the book and that they will (hopefully) appeal to a wide range of quilters.

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