Monday, July 2, 2018

Fifteenth Quilt Finish of 2018

Yes, that's 15 finished quilts so far this year! But, in this case the quilt top was already finished. 

In fact, I finished the top back in 2011. The design is called Antietam and the horrible battle of Antietam and is by Clothesline Quilts. I received the fabrics as part of a block of the month program, but didn't even start the quilt until I had received all of the monthly kits.

I attended Handi Quilter Academy at the beginning of June with the goal of learning how to do more than just edge-to-edge quilting. My last class was with Megan Best where she taught some basic custom quilting techniques with Pro-Stitcher. This was the perfect quilt to try out something new to me.

So instead of just doing an overall edge-to-edge quilting motif, I put a different motif in the large triangles that point down, and another motif in the sections that are oriented upward. Nothing fancy, but it was a first step.

It took about twice as long to quilt compared to just doing an overall edge-to-edge, and in reality, the scrappy quilt didn't really warrant doing something semi-custom since it really doesn't show up. However, that also means that my boo-boos also don't show up.

But like I always say, "finished is better than perfect".

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