Monday, July 2, 2018

My Seven Shades of Gray Quilt in Fons and Porter Quilting Quickly

One more quilt to share that was in a July/August issue of a quilting magazine -- Fons and Porter Quilting Quickly.

I designed this quilt back in May 2013 and blogged about it HERE. I had wanted to make a quilt that combined the ROYGBIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet) rainbow spectrum colors with a gray ombre progression. This was the result.

I never got around to quilting it, but always liked the design. Late last year, the acquisitions editor of one of the quilt magazine publishers reached out to me. She was looking for quilts made with precuts. I submitted this design because it uses only 2-1/2-inch strips to make the quilt. It was accepted, but I needed to make it again, using fabrics they supplied.

You'll notice that my original quilt used printed ROYGBIV fabrics, but the magazine version uses only solids.

The hardest part of my original quilt was finding the many shades of gray and the color scraps for the rainbow colors. By using solids, it was easy to use Kona cotton roll-ups (Kaufman's name for a roll of 2-1/2-inch strips). It requires one in rainbow colors, one with the shades of gray, and either black yardage or another roll-up.

I already had the perfect backing fabric in my stash, so I used it for the magazine version of the quilt:

I love the juxtaposition between the geometric quilt front and the curvy pattern of the backing. But now I need to once again find the perfect backing for my original quilt.

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