Monday, May 23, 2011

Go! Baby and the Flannel Log Cabin and Stars Quilt

In January, my mom and I stopped at one of the quilt shops in SLC. She found a kit for a quilt that she really liked – a flannel log cabin with secondary star pattern where the blocks meet. I finally began working on it for her over the weekend.

It turns out the kit uses the same flannel fabrics that were in the flannel lap quilt that I finished for her a couple months ago.Not only that, my mom had forgotten that she had purchased the kit – so when I told her I was finally working on her quilt, she couldn’t remember what the quilt even looked like.

Since the “logs” in the quilt are 2-1/2 inches wide, I decided to try out my new Accuquilt Go! Baby fabric cutter.

The fabrics were each 10-1/2 inches by width of fabric. So I began by trimming the selvages and pressing the fabrics and then folding to be 5-1/4 X 21 inches.

This fit perfectly on the 2-1/2 inch strip die.

In less than 30 minutes I had 8 perfect 2-1/2 inch strips of 20 fabrics.

And with no more fabric waste than if I had cut the strips with a rotary cutter.

For the block centers and star points, I used my June Tailor “ruler” to quickly subcut 2-1/2 inch squares.

Then I used traditional ruler and rotary cutting to cut the logs to the various lengths.

Here are the first 12 of 20 14-inch blocks in the quilt. The next 8 blocks are sewn except for the last round of logs. Because of the star points, it takes as long to do the last 4 logs on a block as it does to do the first 8 logs. But I’ll probably finish those sometime today.

My mom came over to look at the progress (and to remember what she had purchased). Unfortunately she didn’t pay attention to the size of quilt kit she had purchased – and she really wanted a quilt for her king-size bed. Oops. So, she’s calling the quilt shop today to find out if they have another kit. If so, I’ll be adding another 22 blocks to the quilt to increase it from 56X70 to 84X98.

Have a creative week!


Berit said...

Oh, my gosh this is so amazingly gorgeous! :o I LOVE this pattern and fabrics--both you and your Mom have awesome taste!

I spent most of the afternoon watching a Fons & Porter quilting DVD--wish they'd show quilting as well as piecing! :D

I also ordered my open-toe darning foot on Saturday; hope it hurries over! I wanted one which was an open metal circle, but the one for my machine is more like an open plastic oval. I don't know if another brand will be compatible, so I just stuck with ordering the manufacturer's option. I keep hoping that another one (like the one shown on that Free Motion Quilt site you linked me to) would also work for me because Amazon sells a foot which says it's compatible with several brands of machine (but it's pretty awful looking). This makes me hope that if I bought a foot for another brand it would work on mine, since that third party foot works on both brands, but this sort of logic is probably faulty.

Can't wait to see the rest of this quilt. :D

Martha said...

Love the stars on that log cabin. I think I need to get a Go Baby.

Josie McRazie said...

What warm and beautiful colours!

Siobhan said...

Wow!! That is going to be a gorgeous quilt. The AccuQuilt looks amazing.


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