Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress on Gathering Baskets Quilt

This is turning out to be a big quilt -- bigger than I thought. But I'm really liking it!

Without the last 3 borders (top, bottom and left), it is about 72 inches square right now. It will end up about 80 X 86 when I get the rest of the borders on. 

I would love to replace the quilt that hangs over my stairwell with this one once it's quilted, but if I add the other borders, it will be about 8 inches too wide for the quilt hanger. This photo shows what is there now.

So the big question is -- do you think I can get by without the borders?

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Gayle said...

I like asymetrical quilts so I say that you can leave off the other three borders. Your stair way has SO much space for displaying your quilts - lucky you!

Josie McRazie said...

I don't have an answer, I just want to say I LOVE the flower us the side of your baskets!! The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Loraine said...

What a darling quilt. Ohhh what a dilemma. I like what Gayle suggested, but if that didn't work could you still add the applique flowers and eliminate the outer border. Maybe put a narrow black binding instead? Or you could get a new quilt hanger. Not a fun option I know. I just love all of your wonderful quilts. Your house is darling!

Berit said...

I dunno...I'm all for asymmetrical but I think this one needs that border. Love the poppies; I'm seeing them everywhere I go this year. :D Hope to see some soon on my balcony! :D (Wonder if my seedlings weren't planed too late to bloom--we shall see. :D

This is a beautiful quilt even if it won't fit your hanger.


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