Sunday, February 24, 2013

My New Power Tool

to quilt is human

As I’ve mentioned before,  I now work for Handi Quilter doing marketing communications. I found out once I joined the company that they loan used Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines to employees. After four years of employment, it is theirs to keep.

I knew there was a waiting list. (I put my name on the waiting list my first week of employment!)

One has to be employed  for three months before getting a machine. (My three months of employment was up at the end of December.)

The employee is required to purchase the frame/table for it. (A used frame became available for me to purchase in January.)

And it is dependent  on a used machine being available. (Who knew how long that would be??)

Well, surprise … surprise … surprise!

power tool

On Friday I got an e-mail  message saying that my machine was available! Yippee! So I now have an HQ18 Avanté, which I’ll set  up on an 8-foot frame. (I could set my frame up as 12 feet, but I don’t have a lot of space and most of my quilts are narrower than that.) If I ever decided to quilt for others (and that’s a big IF, not a when), I could make it 12 feet.

So now I’ve got to get the frame set up so I can set up the machine. Of course my sights also are set on adding the HQ Pro-Stitcher which provides computerized, robotic quilting of digitized designs.

Have a great day!


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