Sunday, February 10, 2013

Utah's Beehive

I recently found out that my Deseret quilt, which prominently features a beehive medallion, will be part of an upcoming exhibit called "Utah's Beehive".

The exhibit is being put on by the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City from March 7 through May 2.

They are revisiting an exhibit from 1980 called "The Grand Beehive" which was in the Salt Lake Arts Center. The recreation of the exhibit will feature many items from the original show, but will also feature modern interpretations of the beehive, by contemporary artists.

I submitted a photo of my quilt via e-mail and literally within minutes found out that they want to include it in the show.

Since I've collected all kinds of beehive-related things for about 20 years, I'm sure I'll love the exhibit. Now I just need to get a sleeve sewn onto the back of the quilt! Have a great day!


Gayle said...

I can totally see why they would love to have your quilt in the exhibit - thanks for the heads up about it - I'll definitely have to check it out. Last month I went to the Weaver's exhibit and that was very nice too.

Loraine said...

What a cute quilt. I will have to check out the exhibit!


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