Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Things Americana

I'm thinking it's time to pack up all of the Americana.

In the late 80s I began decorating my guest room in
red, white and blue. 

I was also big into decorative painting, so I painted a ton of stuff -- Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and more -- to match.

It moved from Utah to Pennsylvania with me -- and I continued to paint things to match. It moved back to Utah with me -- and after 7 years hereI'm thinking it is time for a change.

I remember painting each and every one of those pieces -- but I think the trend has long since ended.


Linda said...

I happen to love Americana. And your things are wonderful. I've done some painting as well, your work is excellent. I have my things throughout the house, though my house is't red, white and blue. I make them more obvious for the summer, i like to change things seasonally.

Deb said...

I used to be big into Americana too. But I've gotten rid of most of my things now. The pieces you painted are wonderful though. I really love that plate. You know things come back. I hope that you just store it away!


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