Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Next Wedding Quilt

I found out the third of my five nieces is getting married in June. So, that means getting a quilt completed to give to her. This is the quilt I've had in progress for several years -- it only needs its final border.  I love it so much it will be hard to part with.  But I'm sure she will love it as well.

The quilt was so fun to make. It is flannel, and even though you can only see some of the blocks, it is five blocks high by four blocks wide.  The difficulty was only finding the great red flannels for the hearts. The design was in a Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine several years ago. 


Deb said...

I recognize that quilt from F&P's magazine! I love all the fabrics that you used for this and your niece is going to love it!!

jillybee said...

The quilt is beautiful, great choice of colors. Isn't that the way it goes, the quilt makers have so few quilts. I remember a saying I saw years ago...Blessed are the children of the piecemakers, for they shall inherit the quilts. LOL


LiahonaGirl said...

Jilly, I love that saying! I have probably kept more than I should -- but hopefully they will be adopted and cared for by people who love them when I'm long gone. And thanks for the kind words about the quilt.

LiahonaGirl said...

Thanks Deb. I'm sure my niece will like it as well. I kinda knew the whole time I was piecing it that she would be the eventual recipient.


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