Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Stitching and Appliquéing

In the spirit of Olympic finishes, it was a productive weekend with one finish, and progress on WIPs.

Although I stitched this darling Shepherd’s Bush design several years ago, I ran across the fabric needed to finish it while straightening up my sewing room. So I sewed it up. The design was a freebie from SB that they gave away in their shop, as well as to those who came by their booth at market that year.

That project was stitched on 10-count Tula cloth with 3 strands of floss. It reminded me of the other pieces I’d stitched on 10-count Tula, as well as over 2 on a 18-count fabric. I remember this was a nice change from the tighter weave fabrics I usually stitch on.

I have also previously stitched 3 of the SB Monthly Musing designs, 2 of which are finished as doorknob hangers.

I love the small Lizzie and Kate Snippets and Bent Creek Snapperville designs. And they are darling when stitched as “smalls”. But they can be stitched on larger weave fabric for a completely different effect. For example, this Trilogy small design would have been 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches if I’d stitched it over 2 on the 32-count linen recommended by the designer. But I stitched it on a 18-count lambswool linen over 2 and it finished 7 inches square. Plus that made it the right scale to add some buttons.

Other stitching over the past week included stitching one of the squares from my Family in Stitches design. Although the final project will be on 40-count with needlepoint silk, I did this on a cool hand-dyed 28-count linen with Weeks Dye Works and GA Sampler threads. All that remains is the backstitching details.

The interesting thing is that as I was stitching this I was watching the latest episode of Lark Rise to Candleford (a BBC series being shown on PBS). It dawned on me that I was probably watching what life was  like in England for my ancestor Sophia Butcher in whose memory I was stitching.

And, last but not least, I finished the appliqué embellishments to the Heart to Heart quilt. I ordered black with white pin dots fabric from, only to find out that it is backordered and I won’t have it until mid March. So this project won’t be finished for several weeks.

This little bird will get a button eye after it's quilted.


But, all in all, a productive and enjoyable weekend.


Deb said...

Such great things Nancy. I love your SB finish. That fabric is just perfect fore the design! And I love your other finishes too! And your quilt blocks - what is not to love about the design or the fabrics you used. So pretty!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Boy, Nancy! You've been very productive, indeed! I love all your pieces - always love SB! Your quilt is just darling - I love the colors; so bright and cheery! I hope your backordered fabric comes soon.

Enjoy your week!

LiahonaGirl said...

Thanks for stopping by Deb and Terri.

Just to clarify -- the 3 SB monthly musings were stitched a while back -- I just posted them as examples of larger weave projects. So, the quilt, Sophia Butcher design and SB Bee Happy pieces were the recent ones. (I think my post might have conveyed that the 3 SB pieces were recently completed -- they definitely weren't.)

Linda said...

You've been really busy! And I love what you've been doing. Where did you get the patterns?

LiahonaGirl said...

Linda: If you mean the patterns for the applique embellishments to the hearts, I just looked for circles, flower and leaf patterns that would work. If you mean the SB patterns, the monthly musings are still available at


Maggie said...

I just found yur blog and thought i'd stop by and say "hi"!

I love your finishes but i'm most impressed by your family history stitching, it's wonderful!! I just spent a while scrolling through your other posts and you certainly have a great family history. Your sampler will look stunning when complete and what better way to pay tribute to your ancestors.


Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Nancy: Oh your family design block is just really beautiful as is all of your stitching here! You know, I used to live in Idaho and never even knew about Shepherd's Bush until I found it online in Texas. I have been to Bountiful several times many years ago. I hope to come back for a retreat at Shepherd's Bush one day. Thank you for the lovely comment on my Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Yes I am using the NPI silks on it and will be using them as well on Autumn of Hawk Run Hollow. I love your work and am so happy to meet you!! Debby

Linda said...

Thanks for both of the websites. I've checked them out, and they are wonderful. I've saved them for future shopping. Tell them ti give you a finder's fee!


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