Saturday, February 19, 2011

Electric Quilt Color Challenge

I love the Electric Quilt challenge for this month. Basically, you import a colorful photo that you love into EQ and use it as the color inspiration for a quilt. What a great way to come up with new color combinations for a quilt.

Here’s one of their examples:



So I decided to try my hand at it. My inspiration photo was some Tuscan ceramics that I purchased in San Gimignano, Italy. I took this photo just before the store packed up my purchases to ship to me in Utah. I identified the 9 main colors / values from the photo that I wanted to use in a quilt.

And here’s my first pass at a quilt using the colors. I don’t know whether I’ll eventually tweak this and send it to Electric Quilt for their challenge. I just know that I wanted to design a quilt that at first glance looked a lot harder to make than it actually was. So, here’s the first image WITHOUT lines outlining the blocks and patches.

And here’s the one with the outlines. It wouldn’t be hard to piece – but the end result would look very complicated!

I’m considering modifying the orange and rust pieces such that they would be pieced and have value gradations from light to dark / dark to light (or vice versa) to simulate a Tuscan sunset. Who knows?

Regardless, I love the technique of using a photo as inspiration for the color palette of a quilt. It certainly would keep me from getting into a color rut!


Martha said...

This EQ feature is great! I love your ceramics.

Loraine said...

Wow! Love your quilt. It looks really complicated. The pottery is just fabulous. I have a few pieces I bought in Italy when we were there a long time ago! 15 years ago to be exact. I want to go back so badly. I think Italy has been one of my favorite places we have visited.
Can't wait to see what fabrics you choose for your quilt.
I got your fabulous package yesterday! Thank you so much for sending. I am going to start this one next month, I love it so much. The fabric color is perfect for it, and my husband thought it was a great sampler too, (gotta love that.) Thank you a million times for such a great giveaway!
Hugs to you. Have a great Sunday.

JOLENE said...

What a fun way to design. That looks so neat. I really like the Tuscan one, but I love orange!


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