Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Moda Fabric Designer in the Family

4 more days for the giveaway. 

I just learned that one of my cousin’s daughters, Rachel, is a fabric designer for Moda. Her business is “Basic Grey”. (Technically Rachel would be my “first cousin once removed”.)

How could I not know this? After all, I talk with her mom, aunts and grandma -- all quilters! -- every summer at our family reunion. In my defense, I did know that Rachel designed wonderful scrapbooking papers and supplies. I just didn’t know that she is just about to release her eighth fabric collection with Moda.

Being the fabric “collector” that I am, I realized that I have two charm packs fabric from a Basic Grey collection called “Blush” that was released about a year ago. I had also purchased some chocolatey-brown fabric with aqua, pink, yellow and red dots from the “Blush” collection to be the backing for Emrie’s baby quilt (being quilted at last) and have about a half yard left over.

I did a quick online search and picked up a little bit of yardage (on sale) of two more fabrics from the line, the pink one below to use as a background and the brown stylized flowers to use as backing.

So, between the charm packs, leftover backing fabric, and the two new purchases, I will have a great “kit” for a future quilt. I just need to figure out just the right pattern to make good use of these beautiful fabrics. I have loved this collection since I first saw it – just didn’t know that the designer is part of my extended family.

I just checked out Basic Grey’s new fabric collection, called “Max and Whiskers”, being released this month. It’s equally wonderful.

Any suggestions as to the best quilt pattern to use with these luscious "Blush" fabrics?


Deb said...

That is so great that you have a designer in the family!! I think that you must get to know her better!

Those fabrics are wonderful and I know that when the right pattern falls into your hands you will know that those fabrics were meant for it.

Berit said...

That is really fun news! Congrats on your quilty stash in/out count--can't wait to see those 5 quilts finished; hope you'll share!

Linda said...

That is so cool! And, you like her designs, so much the better. It makes sense that one art would lead to another. I don't know how the designers come up with ideas anyway, but then I don't draw and such.
I'll have to ask for the line next time I'm at the quilt store. Thanks for sharing the news,


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