Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine WIPs, UFOs, or PHDs

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Whatever you want to call them – “works in progress”, “unfinished objects”, or “projects half done”, I wrapped up two this weekend.

The first, Lauri Bird’s (Rose Cottage Quilts) Heart to Heart quilt. I’ve had the blocks done for about a year – using a variety of Mary Engelbreit fabrics, but didn’t have the right fabric for the sashing. I really wanted a black and white pin-dot fabric – which I finally found online. So last Thursday night I finally got the quilt set and the borders done.


The next is another quilt that has been waiting for its border for ages. I had been putting off completing the border on this darling flannel heart quilt because I didn’t want to sew those equilateral triangles together for the border. The quilt designer didn’t give very precise instructions for the borders – just sew the triangles together, attach to quilt and hack off the extra! So that’s what I did. I guess that’s why she decided to appliqué flowers at the corners – to cover up the many converging seams. So, yes, I ended up adding appliqués as well. However, I haven’t done any centers for the flowers. After the quilt has been quilted, I’m going to sew some cute buttons on as flower centers.

I’m not sure who will receive the appliquéd heart quilt, but the flannel heart quilt will go to my niece Jenny who got married last June. Yes, I’m way behind on wedding gift quilts! With this one ready to be quilted, I’m only behind by one wedding quilt in celebration of a wedding that took place just over a month ago. Just need to decide what to make for this darling couple, my nephew and his bride.

Since these are both heart quilts, it’s only appropriate that I finished them up just in time for Valentine’s day! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Loraine said...

I love your valentine quilts. So fun to see what you are working on. I have the pattern for the first heart quilt you showed, but I like your color choices much better than the original.
Let's find a time to meet. What is your schedule like?

Loraine said...

I just dug up my pattern to see what the original was like, and wow you did do some wonderful changes! Love the appliques and the posts on the corners. I would love to make this now, and I'm glad I didn't get rid of the pattern!

Loraine said...

I'm sorry to keep posting, but I just clicked on your link for your "Charity Never Faileth" free pattern. It is darling! I would love a copy! I am so impressed with your talents. Thanks for posting all your wonderful things.

Linda said...

What great heart quilts. Your niece is ne lucky girl.

Cathy Lloyd said...

My daughter made that cute heart quilt in high school...the one out of the Fons and Porter magazine. It is still on her bed as a bedspread to this day! Love your blog!


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