Monday, January 25, 2010

Cross Stitch Work in Progress and My Last Finishes

The past couple years have been incredibly distracting and busy because of my full-time job, as well as teaching the adult Sunday School class at Church. Until October 2008, I hadn't done any serious quilt sewing for a couple years, and it had been even longer since I had finished a cross-stitch project.

These were my last few finished stitchery projects (finished stitching, that is -- they aren't framed or otherwise "finished"). They were finished in 2006! Shocking that I've let so many months (even years!) go by without stitching. (Wouldn't you know it -- after I photographed this project, I noticed that I missed one of the leaves! It's so obvious looking at it here, but looking at the actual piece, it's not so obvious.  So I guess it isn't quite finished after all!)

I had started the following Blackbird Designs piece before my stitching hiatus -- but I've been able to put a good 15 hours work into it over the past week. It sure feels good to be stitching again!

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