Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spinning Stars

I ran across a unique block in the Connecting Threads catalog. Their quilt is called Bedford Skies:

The block is a variable star, with a square-in-square center. I played with the block in Electric Quilt, made the center square the same color as one set of the star points, and it has a somewhat different look, which I really like. The other change I made was to use the same fabric for all of the background pieces.

This is one possible layout -- straight set with sashing as the inspiration quilt.

Then I decided to set the block on point without sashing, and ta-dah -- this is the version I'll probably make.  I'll make it scrappy except for the background. If I make it with 12-inch blocks as big as I plan, I will need to buy a background fabric because it will need about 4.25 yards. (Rats -- I'll have to go to the quilt fabric store this weekend!)  The center quilt area, without borders, measures 68" by 85".

I definitely want to figure something different for the outer border -- perhaps work in a portion of the design from the block.  If and when I figure that out, I'll post it.

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