Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playing With Electric Quilt

I love to see quilts where it isn't obvious at first glance how the blocks were made. This usually happens when the quilt is made from a primary block and an alternate block. Plus, the quilt is either very scrappy -- or the fabrics are deliberately placed such that the two blocks blend into each other. Of course, fabric selection is essential because you want the seams to kind of disappear, adding to the blended look.

This was my creation in EQ6 this afternoon.

Can you tell where one block ends and another begins?

It is even harder to figure out the blocks when they are set on point. This setting makes the quilt look way more complicated than it really is.

I know I want to make a black and white quilt for one of my nieces. Now I just  need to decide whether to add red, hot pink or a chartreuse green as the accent color.

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