Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Baby Lock Espire -- Perfect for Machine Applique

One of the features of my new sewing machine, the Baby Lock Espire, is a pivot feature. When this feature is turned on, the pressure foot automatically lifts up and the needle stays down when you stop sewing. When you once again press on the foot pedal, the pressure foot goes down and sewing again begins. This enables you to keep your hands on the piece being sewn, rather than have to lift the pressure foot with the machine lever. It is perfect for sewing curves because you can sew 4 or 5 stitches, stop, pivot the fabric, and immediately continue on -- never taking your hands off of the fabric.

I've finished preparing the circles to be appliqued to the border (i.e. pressing the seam allowances around the freezer paper) but still need to prepare 52 quarter-sized circles for the yellow berries. I've gotten pretty good at doing the circles, so my guess is that it will take about an hour to do the berries. Hopefully I will have time to do this tomorrow night -- and then stitch them onto the project.  I'd love to finish the quilt top and take it to be quilted asap! I have loved this machine applique technique and have many, many projects in mind to now do!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Can't wait to see your progress, Nancy. The machine sounds great!

Deb said...

Your machine sounds wonderful. I wish that mine did that. I have two machines and neither has that feature. I just found your blog and love looking through it. I just got back into quilting again after a few years off, and saw your quilt below and almost fell off my chair. I just found the fabric and pattern for it and now that I've seen yours finished, I know that I have to start mine. Glad that I found your blog and look forward to keeping up with all your projects.


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