Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trip to Shepherd's Bush and More...

I needed to pick up a bulk order of raw almonds Saturday morning, which took me to South Ogden. So, I decided to turn the morning into a mini-shop-hop.  My mom went with me, so we had a nice morning.

First stop was Gardiner's Sew and Quilt. I bought only one thing -- a new ruler for rotary cutting -- the Quilt In A Day Triangle Square-up Ruler. (Note that I added the hyphen -- it drives me crazy when product names, advertisements, etc. are grammatically incorrrect.) They have a nice assortment of fabric, but no pre-cut fat quarters. If there had been fat quarters, I probably would have bought more than my share -- but I wasn't looking for yardage and wasn't in the mood to have them cut the fabric for me.

Next stop was Shepherd's Bush to see their latest cross-stitch creations. I also got out of there having spent very little -- even though it had been more than a year since I had been there. I wanted to purchase the pattern for a darling Lizzie Kate design, but it was only available as a kit with floss in colors I wouldn't have used. I loved the design, but wanted to do it in colors to suit my decor. (I couldn't even begin to justify a $32 price tag for a pattern and 9 flosses.)

The last stop was the Sweet Lavender quilt shop. They moved several years ago to a new location and this was my first visit to the new location. When I used to go to the old shop, there rarely was anyone else shopping. This time it was so crowded I could hardly even browse the fabrics. I guess the new location is good for business -- but they didn't get much of mine because the fabric cutting tables didn't leave room to look at fabrics if someone was waiting for fabrics to be cut. So, once again I didn't buy much -- only a refill for Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative (my new favorite sewing must-have).

This coming Saturday I'm taking a free class on using pressure cookers, so will probably hit some SLC quilt shops. We'll see how much damage I do to the bank account this weekend.

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